28-Day Keto Challenge Review

The 28-Day Keto Challenge is more than just a guide on how to use the ketogenic diet to your advantage. It is a complete system meant to help you lose weight quickly and to keep it off.
Once you sign up you will be given all of the materials, resources, and knowledge to help you get started. Unlike most other weight loss programs that just give you the materials and leave you hanging, we are always accessible to answer your questions, help you figure out your macros, and figure out a good meal plan for you.

Advantages of the Program

The best advantage of all is that you have everything you need to embark on the keto journey. Even if you aren’t familiar with the keto diet, the 28-Day Keto Challenge gives you the information needed, so you can understand what it’s all about and whether or not it’s for you. It also helps that thousands of people have successfully, permanently lost weight – for good.

Having the program online and in digital format is also a huge benefit, as it ensures you have what you need to commit to turning this program into your new lifestyle. This also leaves little to no room for excuses which was great.

The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee was an awesome confidence boost that makes getting started risk-free, but as soon as I got started, I didn’t think, even once, about returning this program as it doesn’t take long to look and feel great.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase & Download the 28 Day Accelerated Meal Plan: Click Here to Purchase
  2. Following your confirmed purchase, join the Facebook Group for Support & Fun Keto Community (You will receive the link via email)
  3. Post and share photos of your meals on Instagram, facebook and twitter with the hashtag #KetogenicGirlChallenge for re-posts by KetogenicGirl and to win prizes during the challenge! Share posts tagging @KetogenicGirl or Ketogenic Girl for fun and to build community!

28 Day Accelerated Meal Plan

This meal plan is for speeding up and simplifying your transition into being keto-adapted and making sure that you get the high ketones that you are looking for, which indicates that you are burning fat! This meal plan is ideal for fast weight loss and having high energy and an optimally functioning body. Each meal plan contains:

  • 28 Days of Recipes with the Accelerated Meal Plans
  • Full Guide to Testing for Ketosis
  • Weekly Overview of All Meals
  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • All Macros Calculated For you (no need to track!) with Daily Macronutrient Summaries 
  • All Recipes Tested for High Ketones & Low Blood Sugar
  • Easy Recipes with Simple Ingredients
  • NEW! Printable Recipe Index
  • NEW! Full Frequently Asked Questions Section (FAQ)
  • Tons of Brand New Unpublished Recipes!


The 28-Day Keto Challenge gives you everything you need to embark on this new healthy lifestyle and turn it into a habit. It takes the time to educate you on the details of the keto diet, and then it provides you with absolutely everything needed to succeed – and I mean everything. You get grocery shopping lists, recipes for every meal, tips for maximizing your results, tips for curbing cravings during the transition period and more.

Order Today And You’ll Also Get These 3 Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Private Facebook Support Group

This is my favorite part of the program! In this private support group, you will be able to ask the team behind the challenge (and other challenge members) any questions you may have about the diet, managing social situations, dealing with cheat meals, food substitutions, and everything in between. It is also a great place to stay accountable for your diet.

Post updates frequently to keep track of your success and get input from fellow members. Your amazing results may be the thing someone else needs to help push them to stay strong in their diet.*Note: This group is FREE with the purchase of the Challenge! It is included in the one-time price, and you will not be charged again! No hidden fees!

Bonus #2: Delicious Keto Desserts

Think you’re going to miss sugar? Don’t worry. This guide consists of 30+ mouth-watering, keto-friendly dessert recipes. Using these recipes you’ll be able to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying in ketosis. Yay!

Bonus #3: Keto Supplement Guide

In this guide, we will give you our favorite supplements to take on the keto diet. Some will help you stay in a state of ketosis, while others will help turbocharge your fat loss.