Belle Bella is a laser hair removal system that permanently eliminates hair from the legs, arms, and other parts of the body. It uses technology that has been approved by the FDA, and the heat prevents hair from growing back.

What is Belle Bella?

Men and women alike put a lot of work into the way that they look. Whether they apply makeup, style their hair, or get a pedicure, one of the most cumbersome tasks for many people is hair removal. Apart from the dangerousness of placing a razor blade against the skin to take off the hair, the beauty industry has come up with quite an array of solutions. There are depilatory creams, waxing, and even an epilator, all of which can put the body in a compassionate and painful state.

Laser hair removal has been touted as a helpful solution, but the actual treatment can be expensive and difficult to schedule. Even outside of the pandemic, work schedules and other commitments can get in the way of a hair removal treatment. Most people would prefer to do their grooming at home, and that’s what Belle Bella allows them to do.

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Belle Bella makes it possible to remove hair with laser therapy at home without any pain or discomfort. The device can easily be used at any time, and it uses IPL technology to permanently eradicate the hair follicle production of new hair. Consumers can use the device at their leisure to remove hair in 15-minute sessions, though it may take less time for areas with thinner or darker hair.

How does Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal work?

Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal is easy to use. Its core features allow the gadget to fit easily with your electronic outlets in your home. The sleek design allows the device to cover many parts of your body within a short period effectively.

It uses IPL technology that focuses on hair removal. This light therapy is a treatment that involves the usage of a spectrum of lights that penetrates your skin and removes the unwanted hair effectively.

The energy emitted from the IPL technology gets absorbed in your skin by the melanin pigment responsible for your hair color. Your hair will then absorb the filtered light and transfer it to the cells around it, converting to heat. The heat will then remodel the cells preventing further hair growth.

The machine is comfortable and does not cause any pain while in use. Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal kit will offer you permanent hair removal with little effort.

How to Use Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal?

Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal is easy to use, and like other gadgets, ensure you read the instructions outlined in the packaging box. Below are some points that may be helpful to take note of before using the device to guarantee the best results;

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Ensure that you don’t wax or pluck out the hair before you use the Belle Bella IPL kit. Avoid this to allow the laser kit to target the root.

Your skin needs to be clean with no creams before you use the Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal kit.

Be extra careful if you are a tan, as any extra pigmentation may be confusing to the kit and may end up targeting your skin instead of the hair follicle.

Check that you limit your exposure to sunlight before the treatment, as this may cause sensitivity to your skin.

Never miss a treatment session as your hair undergoes a hair growth cycle, and if you miss one, you may end up prolonging the process.

After you safely use the device, check that you cleanse the treated area, and avoid any makeup or cream for the next 24 hours.

Hair will start falling off immediately or within a few days after your treatment.

Stay away from the sun and do not scratch the treated area after using the device.

Price and Purchase of Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal

The hair removal kit is available on the official website at very affordable pricing. The manufacturer also gives you the option of paying in installments for two of its packages to ensure you do not miss out on the best hair removal gadget in the market.

1 IPL Hair Removal Handset at $97.00

IPL Hair Removal Handset + Safety Glasses at $107.00

IPL Hair Removal Handset + Safety Glasses ( 2 easy flex payments) at $61.00

IPL Hair Removal Handset + Safety Glasses (3 easy flex payments) at $46.00

The split payment option allows you to pay the first installment as your card is billed for the second payment 15 days after your initial purchase and the final installment 30 days after your initial payment.

Money-Back guarantee

Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You will receive a full refund if you are not satisfied with the device within the first three months of use.

You will only contact their support team via the details on the website with your reason for the return, and the return process will commence. Please note that shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

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Conclusion – Final Thoughts

With the Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal, we might be able to get our unwanted hair under control. The price is also quite reasonable if we think about it in the long term. The option of flex payments makes it very convenient for people who are hesitant to pay the whole amount upfront. If we’re still finding this option expensive, the good news is that there’s a 50 percent discount available on Bella Bella on its official website. Let’s head on over there and purchase today if we want to avail of this great deal.