Brestrogen is a natural breast booster, which is applied locally on a daily basis, designed for those women who want to increase their breast size naturally without facing the risk of side effects.

How Brestrogen cream works?

Unlike other breast enhancement creams, Brestrogen cream contains Pueraria Mirifica, a potent herb and the number one ingredient for breast development.

This herb is rich in Phyto-Estrogens which help to increase estrogen (hormones), being vital for the breast enlargement.
In addition, phytoestrogens increase blood flow to the chest while controlling the distribution of estrogen in breast tissues.

Pueraria Mirifica contains not only phytoestrogens but also iso-flavones and miroestrol which help on the stimulation of milk ducts, as well as expanding the fatty tissues responsible for making breasts firm, soft and beautiful.


Easy to use at home
Absorbed immediately without leaving any stains
Easy to use with the dispensing bottle
This cream is made in such a way that it is absorbed by the skin in minimum time. It does not create stains or problems in your clothing.
The use of the cream twice a day (one in the morning and one in the evening), you will find a significant lifting in your breasts in a period of only 2-3 weeks followed by an increase of the bra size in 6 to 7 weeks.
The girls and women who have tried the cream for 5-6 months had an increase of two sizes on their bra.
Since it is capable to cause this level of growth without any artificial ingredients or surgery, it is obvious that it is a better choice for any woman who wishes to have not only larger but former breasts as well.


How to use it?

Where to buy?


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