Hands are known to be the first to come in contact with harmful bacteria and germs. With several activities being carried out throughout the day, your hands can be the breeding grounds for deadly viruses. That is why we are constantly reminded to wash our hands regularly to avoid the spread of harmful diseases. Here’s when a good hand sanitizer comes into the picture. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer is all that you need to fight the germs.

Pur Strength Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs instantly, without water. Use anytime, anywhere: while in a car, office, handbag, picnics, nappy change, travel, sports, etc. Leaves your hands refreshed. Use as often as required.

How To Use A Hand Sanitizer To Disinfect Basic Things


Well, your mobile phones are a thing that you keep close to your face because of calling and texting, and also many people also use it to talk so you need to maintain proper hygiene while using it. Take small drops of hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol and put it on a tissue then clean the surface of your phone gently. Do not use a hand sanitizer if your device is hot, wait for it to cool down.


One of the most common ways of spreading any virus. In order to enter and exit from a place means that they will touch the doorknob, so you need to make sure that you always keep a hand sanitizer nearby to sanitize it every then and now to reduce the chances of infection.


Your debit cards, credit cards, grocery shopping carts, and what not have been exposed a lot because of payment thus making them a carrier. Spray the hand sanitizer or put a gentle drop on a tissue and then cleanse the surface of cards to disinfect them.


Your clothes are the biggest carrier of any possible for of communicable virus that can travel through the atmosphere so you need to make sure that you change them and wash them thoroughly. You can use the hand sanitizer spray to keep it clean.

Things To Keep In Mind While Using A Hand Sanitizer

As the hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol aims at giving you round the clock protection you should also keep in mind that alcohol is flammable, let the sanitizer dry properly before you enter your kitchen. Keep your hand sanitizer away from heat and flame.

Let the screen of your desktop and mobile phone come at the room temperature before you use the sanitizer on them to disinfect it. There is a proper procedure to check alcohol in the hand sanitizer, we perform our checks under a supervised and controlled environment do not try burning it at home.

So these were some very common things that we tend to ignore when it comes to using a hand sanitizer. Hurry to get your advanced protection hand sanitizer with 70% IP alcohol that not only kills germs and gives protection to increase your immunity. WHY YOU NEED VIBES HAND SANITIZERS


It is practically impossible to carry soap everywhere you go but you can definitely carry a bottle of sanitizer. A sanitizer helps you keep your hands clean even without water, soap, and towels. Slide in a small bottle in your bag everywhere you go to keep your hands clean and germ-free. Hand sanitizers come in a sleek bottle that can easily fit in your purse, backpack, or even in your pocket.

Protects from bacteria and diseases

According to research, many diseases are caused due to contaminated hands. While we cannot stop using our hands, we can at least sanitize them properly. This sanitizer with an alcohol-based solution kills 99.9% of germs and reduces the risk of disease-causing bacteria. With sanitizers being travel friendly, you can always sanitize your hands on the go. All you need to do is take a dab on your palm and rub your hands together till it is completely absorbed.

Moisturized and smooth hands

With 70% alcohol-based solution, Hand sanitizers dry up easily and leave your hands non-sticky. It not only protects you from harmful bacteria but also moisturizes your hands and gives a soothing effect.

Safety Information

  • Highly Flammable
  • Keep away from fire or flame
  • For external use only
  • Avoid eyes
  • In case of contact with eye, flush with water
  • Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Call doctor if ingested


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