SleepGram Pillow Review

In case you’re a combo sleeper, you may find that you need a few pillows offering various degrees of immovability so that, regardless of which position you land in, you’ll be appropriately bolstered. The Sleepgram pillow is an adjustable pillow wherein sleepers can appreciate either soft, medium, or medium-firm degrees of help contingent upon how you mastermind the internal pillows (truly, there are pillows inside this pillow). It resembles having three pillows in one!

Sleepgram Pillow is a well-appraised pillow with a progressive 3 pillows in 1 plan. It accompanies two inward pillows that can be stacked inside the pillow spread to make a feathery, increasingly strong pillow. In the event that you want something with less help, evacuate one of the internal pillows (which arrive in a medium or low stature), to accomplish the ideal strength for you. Clients like the flexibility and solace, with just a couple of protests about the life span and warmth maintenance.

Breakdown of the Sleepgram Pillow

The Sleepgram pillow is touted as a 3-on-1 item with different modification levels of soft, medium, and firm surface solaces. Our preliminaries discovered you really have many a greater number of approaches to change your pillow than only three-production it an item that genuinely may incorporate the requirements of pretty much every kind of sleeper out there.

The plan of the pillow incorporates a filled external packaging that can hold the two separate solidness level pillows found inside. You can utilize any of these surfaces as an independent, or with each other to make the space and bolster level you need and want.

How Can it Feel?

The light, cotton spread texture feels soft to the touch and comfortable against your skin. The vibe and backing of the Sleepgram Pillow change as indicated by how you redo it, offering a scope of soft to medium-firm degrees of help.

The soft (blue) level of help was particularly squishy and level. It’s intended for sleepers who like an entirely moldable, meager, overly soft pillow. Stomach sleepers may particularly profit by the blue degree of help as they need a gentler, compliment pillow to help keep a solid stance when in the inclined position. At the point when the Sleepgram pillow has just the blue pillow inside, it’s at its generally foldable.

When utilizing just the medium (red) level of help, the Sleepgram feels fluffier and has more space. In any case, the help feels on the gentler side of the medium it’s still extremely simple to shape, overlay, and level. Back sleepers may be the most perfect with this blend as it offers comfortable weight help, however, isn’t firm to such an extent that it hoists the head. The medium immovability level of the red-just arrangement is truly fluffable and perhaps the most flexible as it offers agreeable weight alleviation and stance support for back sleepers (who don’t require elevated, firm help) and stomach sleepers too.

The mix of both red and blue pillows offers the firmest degree of help — medium-firm. This combo gives the loftiest, fluffiest form that the Sleepgram brings to the table. By blending the soft and medium pillows, the Sleepgram turns out to be increasingly strong and less shapeable. The feathery poly microfiber still offers a decent sink into the pillow, yet it never again feels so soft and moldable.

Side sleepers who need a firmer, increasingly elevated pillow may be most appropriate to the medium-firm help offered by the red and blue design. The harmony among soft and medium forms a pleasant comfortable pillow that gives that fleecy cloud-like solace that both back and side sleepers can appreciate.

Directly off the bat, I saw the idea of the Sleepgram as truly cool. Stuffing pillows inside a pillow is as clever as it is creative — it’s sort of like the Inception of pillows. At the point when my Sleepgram showed up, I saw it accompanied an enchanting handout that outlined all the enjoyment manners by which I can redo and clean the Sleepgram. I thought this degree of additional consideration was an extremely pleasant touch.


I started testing this pillow with just the blue in for soft immovability and realized it would have been soft, however, this setting was extremely soft. Then, I began in the prostrate position, and my head almost sunk right to the base of the pillow to settle upon the bedding — and, guess what? I didn’t detest it! The fleecy down-elective offered a dainty layer of the pillow so my head was propped up sufficiently only to keep it off the bedding, and my stance in the solid arrangement.

A few people may see this setting as unreasonably soft for anything other than stomach dozing, yet in case you’re somebody who enjoys a gentler pillow when all is said in done, you may see this as really comfortable for back resting as well. At the point when I moved onto my side, be that as it may, the soft, squishy help sank under the heaviness of my head, and gave no weight alleviation to my shoulder.

I’ll be straightforward: I invested little energy testing the soft blue pillow in the sidelong situation as it was promptly awkward. Side sleepers need additional immovability and space so as to mitigate pressure in their shoulders and keep their spine in the arrangement. None of this occurred with this specific solidness level when I was my ally, so I immediately moved to my stomach.

Ahh, presently we’re talkin’! As I suspected, the soft blue felt best in the inclined position. The spread texture felt decent and soft against my cheek, and the slight, squishy poly microfiber offered the correct degree of help for this position. I didn’t feel like my neck was extended in any capacity, however despite everything I felt easily supported.


To test this pillow with medium solidness, I took the blue pillow out and put the red one in. Immediately, I stamped how the Sleepgram got loftier and fluffier. Despite everything it felt soft and shapeable, however unquestionably had that additional piece of help that, as I would like to think, made this level the most flexible. My stance wasn’t tossed crooked in any position, and I saw its foldable nature as valuable in embellishment space exactly as I would prefer.

In the prostrate position, I could feel the pillowed down-elective softly adjusting to my head and neck and permitting a decent sink into the pillow. I felt upheld, and the medium immovability enabled me to divert my head from side to agree with significant straightforwardness. I noticed that I wasn’t generally feeling that cool breathability that I’ve felt with certain pillows, and the Sleepgram seemed to trap a smidgen of warmth.

Moving onto my side felt superior to anything it did with the blue, yet at the same time, I need somewhat more help for parallel dozing. Since the red pillow has a decent shape ability to it, I had the option to bundle and overlap it in a manner that offered me the grandiose help that I need when laying on my side. When I propped myself up a piece, my stance realigned and I felt truly happy with utilizing the red arrangement for this position.

Utilizing this pillow for stomach dozing didn’t feel truly good from the outset. Be that as it may, I had the option to level and move the fill so as to make the pillow sufficiently slim. That is the decent thing about this pliant material — with the correct exertion, it’s quite simple to accomplish the space you require for each position. Since the medium solidness provides more space, stomach sleepers should test this pillow out first just to be certain it won’t lift your neck in a cumbersome manner. Each body is unique, all things considered!


Stuffing both the red and blue pillows into the Sleepgram made this pillow substantially more grand and cushy — I could scarcely close the zipper! I realized I had at long last discovered the combo most appropriate to the side resting, so I started testing it in the parallel position.

Sufficiently sure, space and bolster was exactly what I required for side dozing. I could feel that decent weight help for my neck and shoulder that I was absent in the red and blue mixes, and I felt completely bolstered. My stance felt in the unbiased arrangement, and I was as yet ready to crush an arm underneath the underside of the pillow without including an excess of additional stature.

Moving onto my back, I felt just about excessively propped up. I expected to truly pull the pillow under me with the goal that my shoulders were laying on the base, or else my head was only a tiny bit raised. People who incline toward an all the more solidly strong pillow may only adhere to the red and blue medium-firm help as it’s a considerable amount more steady than its milder partners.

Lying in the recumbent position felt agreeable, however, I preferred the other pillow combos for this situation as they are somewhat milder and progressively shapeable. I never felt awkward utilizing the red/blue combo for back resting; it truly boils down to a matter of inclination.

I saw stomach dozing as the least agreeable situation for this solidness level. The space is very high and considerably less foldable than different degrees of help, and it put my head directly lopsided with my neck when I set down. I didn’t test this situation for a really long time as it doesn’t require some investment for your neck to hurt when you constrain it into an ungainly point.

What else should I Know?

•             Designed in California

•             100 Night Money Back Guarantee — Not certain this pillow is for you? You have 100 evenings to test it out!

•             Standard/Queen — 18″ x 26″ w/2″ gusset

•             King — 18″ x 33″ w/2″ gusset

•             Wash Instructions Included — This pillow is machine launderable, and in case you don’t know how to do it, Sleepgram gives definite guidelines!


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