Sun Basket Meal Reviews

Sun Basket meal kits are for those who want to eat healthy, organic, sustainable food, but struggle to find the time for meal planning and shopping. The company’s recipes are flavorful, interesting and easy to follow, and can fit a wide variety of dietary restrictions. Sun Basket is a premade meal and meal kit delivery service that uses fresh, organic, and sustainable ingredients and packaging. The company aims to help people have healthful, balanced diets.

What is Sun Basket Meal?

Sun Basket says that they use fresh, organic, and sustainable ingredients and packaging for their meal kits. The company has received organic certification from the Department of Agriculture.

They add that their packaging is recyclable and compostable, their fishermen use low-impact fishing methods, and their farmers practice sustainable crop rotation and water efficiency techniques.

Sun basket highlights that their meat is free from antibiotics and hormones, their eggs are organic, and their seafood is wild-caught or sustainably raised in the wild, as recommended by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program.

Sun Basket recommends beginning by selecting two or more dinners from their weekly menu. These are available in 2 or 4 servings. A person can also add breakfast, lunch, and healthy snacks before scheduling the delivery.

The order arrives cold-packed and a person then follows the included cooking or heating instructions.

Sun Basket Meal ordering and delivery process

Sun Basket presents a wide variety of meal options available for delivery each week. On most occasions, we simply selected the meals that appealed to us. However, when we missed the deadline to submit meal choices, it selected meals on our behalf based on preferences and past orders. The delivery is then shipped to your doorstep. Our deliveries arrived on time on the designated delivery days as expected.

Sun Basket packaging

Sun Basket meals arrive in well-packed boxes that were successful at keeping food cold and free from damage upon arrival. Each meal was packed in a brown paper bag with individually plastic-wrapped ingredients.

We were impressed with Sun Basket’s eco-conscious packaging, most of which is recyclable or compostable. This includes ice packs, meal bags, recipe cards, and various containers. Some insulation is made from post-consumer waste, including shredded recycled paper and reclaimed denim.

Cooking Sun Basket meal kits

Overall, Sun Basket meal kits were easy to prepare and cook. In our opinion, the recipes were user-friendly. Since the cooking process is fairly similar from meal to meal, it’s relatively easy for inexperienced cooks to master the recipes. Each kit comes with simple, easy-to-follow instructions on a recipe card that is easy to prop up on the counter.

The basic cooking process for ingredients is mostly the same across kits. There’s a cooking down of onion, garlic, and a flavoring base. The protein is then cooked in the pan, and raw vegetables are added to the pan as the final step.

The process is generally straightforward, but Sun Basket’s instructions assume customers are able to chop vegetables while base ingredients and protein are cooking.

Some of us felt this step seamlessly blended into the preparation process and kept the cooking time on the shorter side. Others, however, felt more comfortable chopping vegetables prior to cooking, which added time to the total preparation and cooking process for some meals.

How Much Does Sun Basket Cost?

Sunbasket costs anywhere from $10.99 to $12.99 per serving, depending on the number of meals you buy at a time. There’s a $7.99 shipping fee, too, which typically gets waived on your first order. The exact price depends on how many recipes you order per shipment and which plan you choose.